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Special foundations are used between the structure and the load-bearing base of the subsoil: micropiles. The alteration of existing natural balances due to excavation operations, the presence of soils of heterogeneous composition and the need for solid support bases for particular types of work, have made the use of these materials indispensable in modern foundation and consolidation techniques.

For this reason, we are always ready to respond to requests for different types of processing, and we are committed to having pipes of various thicknesses, diameters and steel grades immediately available in stock.

Thanks to our contacts with various suppliers, we are also able to respond to special requests.
Generally, the diameters and thicknesses we can produce range from 48 x 3 to 406 x 30 in length on request. The available materials are: S275, S355, and N80, although the S355 grade is most commonly used.

The pipes and beams we make are:

– Mechanical SS pipes (seamless longitudinal pipe)
– Welded structural pipes (S355 long welded pipes from domestic and foreign pipe mills)
– Extruded tubes
– IPE, HEA, HEB Beams (on request)

We supply S275 – A105 – S355 – C45 grade rounds:

– Laminated rounds
– Forged rounds (from 300 diameter to 500 diameter)
– Perforated rounds on request
– Railway axles and drilled axles
– Continuous casting rounds

Micropiles used in construction are also useful in various circumstances to solve environmental and restoration problems. In fact, one of the main characteristics of micropiles is their versatility.

Micropiles can be used in both compression and tension, but also in vertical or inclined drilling.

The micropile and non-pile pipes processed by Euro.Co.Met. are:

  1. Useful for how easy they join to the desired depth;
  2. Used as self-drilling pipes, i.e. the pipe is first used as a drill rod and when the desired depth is reached, it is left in the hole and then filled with cement grout and used as a reinforcement;
  3. Used for micropile formation, where the pipe can be fitted with retractable valves or manchettes
  4. They are used when limited space is available on site and foundations need to be built to support high loads on soils that are not very conducive to structures of this type;
  5. Necessary for tunnelling. In this case the pipes are used as reinforcement due to how easily they reach the set length and point.
  6. Also to be considered are preventive reinforcements, often used on construction sites during excavation phases to prevent sudden ground subsidence;
  7. Used for consolidation, soil sealing, filling cavities and/or stopping water infiltration by filling the pipe with reinforced injections.
  8. Also used to underpin and stabilise retaining walls.


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